Fully customized branding

This type of branding is based on custom designs that the client may choose from since it is not limited to the neck & sleeve branding type

2 branded corporate shirts and a cap
Client: SmartPlus Ltd
Service: Corporate Shirt & Cap Branding
2 branded corporate shirts and a cap
Client: Aurora Paints
Service: Corporate shirts & Cap branding

Corporate branding (neck & sleeve branding)

For this type of branding the shirts, t-shirts or caps are branded maintaining the client’s brand color (based on the client’s logo) this type of design usually have contrasting neck, and sleeve-ends color.

a branded shirt, cap & a brown polo shirt.
Client: Otema Housing Cooperative
Service: T-Shirt, Cap & Polo branding
a beige neck and sleeve ends contrasting branded t-shirt
a black contrasting neck and sleeve-endpolo shirt
Client: FXElliotwave
Service: Polo shirt (contrasting neck and sleeve-end) branding
A sleeveless sweater, a cap and a corporate shirt all branded
Client: Sirima Holdings
Service: Sleeveless sweater, Cap & Corporate Shirt Branding
a branded ladies 3/4 t-shirt
Client: Sirima Holdings

Shirts by design.

3 red shirts with different tailored designs
Design: The three types of T-Shirt design (neck, sleeve-ends and buttons strip, checked neck and plain sleeve end & only sleeve-ends design)

Shirts by Sleeve lengths

3 shirts with sleeve length variations (full, 3/4)
Sleeve Length: Full Sleeve shirt and two 3/4 Sleeved shirts.

Official (basic) branding

In this type of branding the shirt, cap or t-shirt is not customised at all only the client’s logo or desired text is branded.

a blue shirt
A basic off-the-shelf shirt