Hood / Jumpers / Sweaters Branding

How would it feel having your brand on this hood!

Safaricom Twaweza Hood Jumper
Safaricom Hood Jumper Design
Adidas Hood Jumper Design
Mwirua Coffee Sleeveless Design

Fully customized branding

This type of branding is based on custom designs that the client may choose from since it is not limited to the neck & sleeve branding type

2 branded corporate shirts and a cap
Client: SmartPlus Ltd
Service: Corporate Shirt & Cap Branding
Client: Mwirua Coffee
Service: Cap Branding

Corporate branding (neck & sleeve branding)

For this type of branding the shirts, t-shirts or caps are branded maintaining the client’s brand color (based on the client’s logo) this type of design usually have contrasting neck, and sleeve-ends color.

a branded shirt, cap & a brown polo shirt.
Client: Otema Housing Cooperative
Service: T-Shirt, Cap & Polo branding
a beige neck and sleeve ends contrasting branded t-shirt
Otema Housing Long-Sleeve Shirt
a black contrasting neck and sleeve-endpolo shirt
Client: FXElliotwave
Service: Polo shirt (contrasting neck and sleeve-end) branding
a branded ladies 3/4 t-shirt
Client: Sirima Holdings
A sleeveless sweater, a cap and a corporate shirt all branded
Client: Sirima Holdings
Service: Sleeveless sweater, Cap & Corporate Shirt Branding

Shirts by design.

3 red shirts with different tailored designs
Design: The three types of T-Shirt design (neck, sleeve-ends and buttons strip, checked neck and plain sleeve end & only sleeve-ends design)

Shirts by Sleeve lengths

3 shirts with sleeve length variations (full, 3/4)
Sleeve Length: Full Sleeve shirt and two 3/4 Sleeved shirts.

Official (basic) branding

In this type of branding the shirt, cap or t-shirt is not customised at all only the client’s logo or desired text is branded.

a blue shirt
A basic off-the-shelf shirt