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If you view marketing as an expense instead of an investment; your business is bound to fail or remain small and struggling

We graciously nurture your business to roses via effective branding and marketing strategies.


Gracious Roses PR was founded in July 2015 by a group of graduates who have immense passion for Communication & PR and an entrepreneurial spirit. Though our start was very humble both financially and in business expertise, we have grown over the years. Through many failures, we have gained immense business expertise that has enabled us to build a world-class PR Consultancy. We have seen evidence of Michael Gerber's words that “a small business built rightly can grow 10,000 times its current size. We are committed to nurturing SMEs to achieve their missions and transform our world. In a world full of noise, we believe individuals and businesses crave for a listening ear. Our goal is to listen and understand each business' needs hence offer effective branding and marketing solutions. Seeing our clients blossom fills us with great joy.

Some Of Our Clients

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